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Fleet Management

VTFM 101

Our technology enables you to monitor driver behavior, cut engine at speeds of 20 km/hour if vehicle moves unauthorized, create unlimited Geo-fences and receive alerts for vehicle accidents.

VTFM 202

Includes all features in VTFM 101 as well as the ability to monitor fuel consumption, communicate with drivers via the fleet management platform at lower rates, and Remote Voice-Motoring.

VTFM 303

Includes all features in VTFM 202 including tyre pressure monitoring, Remote Voice-Motoring and video recording which allow you to hear and see what is happening in your fleet during working hours.


Stolen vehicle recovery systems

Anti-Find SVR System (VTI 101)

A wireless device used for Standard Stolen Vehicle Recovery, it is for a phone in theft and hijacking, priced at R99/mo.

VTracSecure (VTI 202)

Real time tracking on your phone and cut of engine through our control room incase of theft or hijacking, and accident alert. Receive notifications when they are tempering with your car. Plus anti find wireless device, it is priced at R249/mo


Wireless device with a 3 year battery life. It allows you to communicate with your vehicle via the mobile app or web platform to get your vehicle location. Priced at R149/mo.

Truck tail gate smart lock
Cargo image

Additional offerings

TruBug (Cargo Tracking Device)

Extend the security of your cargo while in transit, most of truck hijackers have no time to check the cargo if it is tracked or not. With our reasonable priced cargo GPS tracking you will be able to strengthen your cargo’s safety.

Closed Trailer Security

With our RFID, keyless system, we keep your cargo safe until your reach the desired destination. Your shipments stay locked when you want them. They unlock when, where, and by whom you want them unlocked. With our RFID keyless system you can view the progress of your items in transit and send remote access to your locked goods with receivers.

Blind-spot Monitors

Small mistake on a freeway can cost a very huge accident scene. Say goodbye to car crashes that are cost by not seeing what is on your side when changing lane. Our Blind Spot Monitors works in any form of weather condition and during the night.

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