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Mining Trucks, Construction vehicles and Plant Hire

Work sites are always popular targets for thieves. With our asset tracking you can monitor any exceptions in real-time, whether it’s unauthorized use, restricted access or a stolen asset. It doesn’t matter whether your equipment is old or new, non-powered or even outside the cellular network, asset tracking can prevent misuse and, in the event of theft, assets can be recovered faster, saving you downtime and insurance costs. We are aware of the growing needs for security systems in various industries and that is why in cooperation with The Marketing Heaven, we are actively working to promote this system on social media channels.

With our verified GPS tracking, you’ll know exactly what the actual hours of use are for any or all of your equipment. Easily charge-out your rental equipment based on actual usage as well as verifying the correct number of hours worked by employees. 

Validate your payroll time-sheets and accurately know your daily billing and since you know exactly what the daily usage is, you can bid for new work more successfully without the fear of under-quoting.

On any construction or similar site there’ll be compliance issues you need to observe – restricted access areas, noise ordinances and hours of operation. How can you make sure all your crews are complying with work site policies, avoiding infringements, shut downs etc? V-TRAC provides customized solution which you can easily monitor start and stop times, worker activity or equipment use and receive instant alerts for any exceptions.

Our LBS offers tools to help you improve all your KPIs for quality: employee safety, compliance, maintenance, and fuel economy and loss recovery. With 24/7 real-time location, direction and speed for every vehicle at your fingertips.

Support your company policies with alerts for aggressive driving, unauthorized offloading, customized oil sector specific reports and other out-of-parameter behavior. At the same time, plan on better fuel economy, real-time metrics and maintenance alerts to support your green fleet benchmarks.