Managing your drivers’ behavior the whole day and night while delivering your goods can be daunting. It takes the last of your breath when the possibility of hijacking of the goods and the truck blink in your mind.

With our fleet management systems you will be in control of almost everything on your fleet at any time anywhere with any device that allows you to be online. You will be able to control your fleet through the following services from V-TRAC;

Road Management And Delivering

Route management reduces miles driven, while it shows you every truck in real-time while it tracks the metrics you need to measure. Together, they make your drivers more efficient, your scheduling a snap, your TOD (Time of Delivery) a breeze – and your entire Delivery services more productive. Route management plans routes, and re-plans to accommodate daily changes, meaning you can make more service calls in a day. It is the secure, data-driven GPS system that shows you actual truck activity making your drivers more efficient, your frequency scheduling a snap.


Detailed maps are supplied with the standard offering. Alternatively, 3rd party supplied maps can be incorporated. Maps can be customized to your specific requirements (e.g. by including layover & refueling stops, destinations, etc.). Unlimited Zones or ‘Geo Fences’ locations, boundaries, routes, etc. so that alarms or messages are sent when vehicles cross a threshold location parameter defined.

 Cargo Security

Let your shipments stay locked when you want them locked. They unlock when, where, and by whom you want them unlocked. It’s that simple? You can even view audit trails and generate advanced reports to let your customer know the cargo is in great hands