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Total control

We bring you total control. Our innovative technology makes you communicate with your car through your Smartphone for peace of mind when you parked your car at the mall, restaurant or visiting a place you are not gratified with. Our systems communicate with your Smartphone to ensure the safety of your car when you are not around it. It sends alerts to your Smartphone if one of the following occurs to your car: Opening of any door/trunk, Starting of the car engine, and Moving of the vehicle.

Fleet management

Industry standard fleet management systems that enable you to monitor every aspect of your vehicle operations. Our systems can be customised to monitor driver behaviour, fuel consumption, deviations from planned routes and geo-fences.

Real-time GPS tracking

Monitor the movement of your vehicles or cargo remotely from the comfort of your office. Our platform reports on the position of your vehicles in real-time enabling you to make informed decisions based on accurate reporting.

Vehicle recovery

To further give you peace of mind you can rest assured that our vehicle recovery crew will go the extra mile to recover stolen vehicles in coalition with the South African Police Services Vehicle Recovery Unit.

Crime Stats SA.

Information provided below is extracted from Crime stats SA. Last updated 16 Sep 2020.

SA theft out of or from motor vehicle
SA car theft of motor vehicles for 2019/2020
South Africa truck jackings
South Africa car jackings

Just Three Steps.

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We put you in charge

Managing your office from a vehicle would be difficult, but managing your vehicles from the office or at the comfort of your home is not necessarily much easier, unless the right tools are used.

With our innovative world leadings GPS Tracking Systems and Software’s, managing your assets become easy and enjoyable. We give you trusted software platform that allows you to see all your Fleet Movements at the comfort of your home or office. You don’t need to worry anymore about the whereabouts of your fleet or behaviour of your drivers.